A magazine made by the students and for the students of Daytona State College

Mission & Purpose

 Aeolus is committed to the expression of art in both visual and written forms, and we exist to show the talents of the Daytona State community. The magazine is dedicated to the idea of diversity and serves to provide an atmosphere where student editors can hone the skills necessary to become publishers and students can shape their identities as artists, photographers, poets, and writers. Aeolus is a student magazine in every sense of the word. The staff is composed entirely of students. Editorial decisions are made by students, with input from staff and faculty advisors. Editorial decisions should reflect the collective will of the entire editorial staff and not that of a single editor. The philosophical and ethical standards of the student magazine should reflect those of other collegiate literary magazines. The right to publish carries a heavy burden of artistic and intellectual integrity.

The purpose of Aeolus is to serve as a practical learning experience for students, particularly those interested in careers in multi-media, photography, graphic arts, electronic media, fine arts, literature, poetry, or related careers. A secondary purpose of the magazine is to serve as a student forum for artistic expression at Daytona State. Not everything submitted is accepted, and like all publications, we keep community standards of decency in mind. 

Although editorial offices are in Daytona Beach, Aeolus is published for all campuses. Staff members should try to make every attempt to attend meetings on the Daytona campus, and we might consider holding meetings on other campuses periodically. 

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