A magazine made by the students and for the students of Daytona State College

Our 2023 Staff

Maggie Miller

Editor In Chief

Maggie loves Greek food, has taken art classes every year since kindergarten, and is a big fan of the barter system. Her favorite thing to do is solo traveling (aka wandering). Currently her interests include lofi music, making videos, strengthening friendships, collecting oddity items, and vintage graphic design. Her favorite magazine publication is aperture.

Nevaeh Bjelajac

Managing Editor

Nevaeh Bjelajac likes to express herself in various forms, whether it’s art, music, or dialogue. She graduated high school when she was 16. Nevaeh is now 17 and enjoys being a fulltime student at Daytona State College. She feels the college experience is a dream come true. From DSC she plans to transfer to UF for her bachelors, get into their medical school, and become a pediatrician.

Jessica Boatman (Kirby)

Graphic/Web Designer

Jessica Boatman, aka Kirby, is an ambitious student at DSC pursuing interactive digital media production. She enjoys reading, writing, and solitude. She is a very determined individual who has lived many lives in this life. Persistent and diligent, nothing can stand in her way when she has a goal. She has received many awards and recognitions at DSC and practices mindfulness and gratitude.

Arwen Frye

Literary Editor

Arwen is in love with all things music. She spends her free time at concerts and taking photos. Her dream is to become a concert photographer. Arwen also has a passion for writing and loves poetry. She dreams of traveling around the world and writing about the cultures she encounters.

Karina Bell

Photography Editor

Karina Bell is 18 years old and is currently enrolled in the photography program at Daytona State College.  She has owned her own photography business for about a year.  Karina was born in Florida and lived there until she was 9 years old.  Then she moved to Europe and did some traveling with her family. Karina is a vegan and her favorite food is waffles and smoothies.  She has been educated with Montessori and Waldorf teaching styles.  Karina has harbored a deep love for figure skating since she was five years old, and she is currently in lessons. 

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