A magazine made by the students and for the students of Daytona State College

More About Aeolus

Aeolus is the literary magazine of Daytona State College. It is a publication ran by the students, for the students. Aeolus features submissions from the talented students who attend Daytona State College. Unfortunately, because this is a student publication, we do not accept submissions from staff, though they are very talented as well. Not all student submissions have been featured in the magazines, but we encourage students to submit their literary and artistic creations.
 Students who choose to serve as Aeolus staff gain hands-on experience in magazine editing and design, as well as learning fundamental skills that will aid them in advancing in their career, such as working within a group, meeting deadlines, and growing confidence. Aeolus is currently overseen by the Student Publications advisor, Dr. Harun Karim Thomas.

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